Our Mission:

The Collegiate Leadership in the Fight for Freedom (CLIFF) aims to equip and connect
emerging and established leaders in the fight against modern slavery. In recognizing the multi-
faceted nature of the problem, CLIFF will leverage diverse collegiate and professional networks
to develop innovative and intersectional approaches to the anti-slavery movement.


Our Values:

The values of CLIFF are essential to not only a successful convention but also for the efforts and knowledge to translate to more effective change. CLIFF is rooted on four core values:

1. We are issue-centric, meaning we problem solve by getting to the core of the issues and problem solve rather than molding our solutions to the problems and work dynamically to bring the best ideas forward.

2. We are analytical in nature, striving to find strengths and as well as areas of improvement because the magnitude of the change we need to see requires the highest quality of solutions and problem solving.

3. We are united in our efforts and choose to strive for excellence for not only our own individual initiatives but for the larger good of the community.

4. We are innovative in nature, stretching across generations to leverage wisdom of experts and fresh ideas of younger people because we believe everyone has a unique role to play.


Our Goal:

Our goal is to connect, in-person and online, every student with the resources, expertise and
support network to accelerate the fight for global justice and the eradication of modern-day
slavery – therefore uniting generations of leaders, academics and practitioners in pursuit of
interdisciplinary solutions.