ICAMS Boston 2017

On April 15, 2017 members of the Intercollegiate Coalition Against Modern Slavery met for the first time at the Harvard Kennedy School  with an advisory team of experts in the field of human trafficking at the first annual Intercollegiate Convention Against Modern Slavery to found our Coalition. We began the process of developing a plan for unified, collective action that clubs and organizations across college campuses can adopt for the upcoming academic year and beyond. Working with this advisory team will create a powerful relationship between students from all over the country - the world's future human rights leaders - and those individuals who know best how to make effective progress in the fight against modern slavery. We can maximize the value and efficacy of our effort, and learn the skills needed for a lifetime of human rights leadership. Just as importantly, we can provide these experts with a network of young leaders ready to support their endeavors. Our website will both feature the plans that students are following on their respective campuses and the success that each student group is achieving.