Aubree Alles will be in attendance at our convention in April as a representative for ATEST/Humanity United. 




Aubree Alles has dedicated her time and life to the fight against Human Sex Trafficking. Thru local outreach to the women, educating the church and community, and staying up to date on the current issues we face- she commits to fight! A Survivor of exploitation and sex trafficking herself, Aubree has had the opportunity to open a home in Central Florida for Survivors and even write a book containing her lifes story called " My Life Without Me" scheduled to come out later in 2017.

"The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) is a U.S. based coalition that advocates for solutions to prevent and end all forms of human trafficking and modern slavery around the world. We advocate for lasting solutions to prevent labor and sex trafficking, hold perpetrators accountable, ensure justice for victims and empower survivors with tools for recovery. Our collective experience implementing programs at home and abroad provides our coalition an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise.

ATEST member organizations include: Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), End Child Prostitution and Trafficking – USA (ECPAT-USA), Free the Slaves, Futures Without Violence, International Justice Mission (IJM), National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), National Network for Youth (NN4Y), Polaris, Safe Horizon, Solidarity Center, Verité, and Vital Voices Global Partnership.

ATEST is supported by Humanity United and Humanity United Action, U.S.-based nonprofits dedicated to bringing new approaches to global problems that have long been considered intractable."